Wireless Networking

Networking allows two or more computers to interface with each other, whether in an office, a library or other type of establishment, or at home. Running cables throughout an office or a house can be tedious and time-consuming, however, making wireless networking – a network of interfaced computers that doesn’t require any hardwired connection between the computers – the ideal choice for many businesses and homes.

Wireless networking has many uses. Wireless networking at an office or place of business makes it easy to share files, printers, and Internet access between all of the computers. Wireless networking at home or in a home office can enable you to print a file from your laptop without having to go to the printer and hook up to it. Wireless networking also means that you can take your laptop to a place that offers WiFi, known as a “hotspot,” and instantly connect to the Internet – a valuable tool for businesspeople, entrepreneurs, and students.

For wireless networking to be possible, all computers connected to the network must have a wireless card. Wireless networking is virtually the same thing as wireless Internet access – except instead of connecting to the Internet, you are connecting to another computer – so if you can already access the Internet wirelessly, wireless networking will be just as easy. Many of the newer laptops on the market come fully equipped for wireless networking, and you can buy a wireless card to upgrade your computer if it doesn’t already have wireless networking capabilities.

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