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How Wireless Internet Technology is Changing the Game of Home Internet

Wireless Internet has become an integral part of everyday life for millions of people around the globe. Using wireless Internet service in a public location is now commonplace, but wireless Internet technology has also revolutionized home Internet access.

Home wireless Internet consumers and Internet service providers have both been shaped by the wireless revolution.

History and Availability

The first wireless computer communication network became active in 1971. The network, ALOHAnet, was constructed at the University of Hawaii. The network connected computers on different islands.

Wi-Fi, one the most popular wireless technologies, is based on 802.11 standards, which were originally developed in 1985. As the technology continued to grow, the need for greater security increased.

Since there is no physical connection, Wi-Fi connections are more susceptible to some security compromises. Fortunately, newer Wi-Fi encryption technology offers a higher level of security.

Early wireless technology was very expensive, and wireless innovations were initially limited to academia and government institutions. However, in the age of 4G Internet, wireless Internet service technology is very accessible, so the demand for high-speed wireless service is high.

In the modern wireless era, companies like Clear Internet focus specifically on wireless consumers, so CLEAR Internet customer service can provide knowledgeable and useful help exclusively to wireless customers.


Wireless technology has revolutionized the work-at-home movement. While this shift started with Ethernet and land lines, wireless Internet has provided a remarkable flexibility to the home office. Many Internet service providers are accommodating telecommuting needs.

The True Family Internet

Wireless Internet has decentralized home Internet usage by creating a wireless local area network (WLAN) in any home. Family electronic devices are no longer limited by physical connections, so the ability to video conference, share information, stream movies, and perform other activities is available throughout the home.

Emerging Tech-Savvy Generations

With increased Internet accessibility, more people are embracing new technology. Some Internet service providers are even catering to the less tech-savvy generations.